In Cracow, monuments speak for themselves. Literally.
Just get close and you will listen to a story, know the legend and uncover the mystery. Everything thanks to the innovative system, which links the most interesting places in Cracow with an app on your phone, that knows when you get closer. The system doesn’t require Internet connection, Bluetooth is enough. With Likekonik, touring the City of Kings of Poland becomes exceptionally comfortable and pleasant. You can plan the route ahead of time or count on luck. One thing is certain - you will fall in love in Cracow just as much as we did!

App available to download on App Store & Google Play.

Client: City of Cracow     Agnecy: Bonjour     Design & Illustration: Gosia Zalot     Design & Art Direction: Wojciech Zalot
Copywriter: Piotr Stawowiak